The European Commercial Real Estate Data Alliance (E-CREDA) promotes the development of the European commercial real estate (CRE) investment and finance markets by improving access to and understanding of available CRE data to facilitate higher quality applied research and more frequent interaction between investors, data providers and academics, who plan to work together to achieve data parity for CRE with other major asset classes, like stocks and bonds. To establish this, E-CREDA is organized in three membership categories:

  • Members category A (data vendors and others);
  • Members category B (investors / investments managers);
  • Members category C (academics)

The requirements for all the different members are as follows:

Member A:
- (private or public) legal entity (or partnership) that shares data on European commercial real estate properties, tenants, leases or other related commercial and/or investment instruments.

Member B:

- legal entity (or partnership) that acts as an investor or manager of European commercial real estate assets with a minimum AUM of EUR 2bn.

Member C:

- an individual who:
o has a PhD; and
o is employed at (or is otherwise working for) a European university; and
o does research in the field of commercial real estate.

The board can resolve to grant an individual / legal entity / partnership a (conditional) exemption from the aforementioned capacity requirements. Such resolution qualifies as an extraordinary resolution.

Membership rights are non-transferrable. Consequently a membership right can also not be encumbered with a right of pledge. But: the membership of a legal entity that as a result of a legal merger or demerger (or equivalent under foreign law) ceases to exist, can be acquired by the acquiring entity within the framework of such legal merger or demerger, provided that the acquiring entity meets the applicable capacity requirements.

Membership fees (annual and not prorata):

- Member A (EUR 200);

- Member B (EUR 250);

- Member C & Non-for profit (EUR 100).

Application to join:

- To apply for E-CREDA membership you can click on the application form below.

- Sent the completed registration to e.creda.2020@gmail.com.

- The board will confirm the membership and an email will be sent once approved.